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Wildlife, conservation management and community participation

Since 2003, the PRCF has been developing a program to strengthen and support conservation and collaborative management activities in the open dry dipterocarp forests of northeastern Cambodia, in and around Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary.  Considered a globally important biodiversity hotspot, the area provides refuge for a range of endangered species, including tiger and its prey, and important avifauna, such as ibises and vultures.

Field Update May 2013: Our partner Birdlife International shares stories about our work at the Lomphat Wildlife Santuary in their quarterly publication “The Babbler“.

This eco-region suffers from a range of threats, however.  These threats are exacerbated by low institutional capacities and very limited human and financial resources to address them.  Since 2007, PRCF Cambodia has implemented donor-funded activities, involving protected area authorities, to improve the local capacity for conservation management and to develop community-based approaches that simultaneously address livelihoods and biodiversity conservation issues.

PRCF Cambodia conducts a multifaceted conservation and development program at the greater landscape of Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary.  The program incorporates the dry lowlands of Lomphat with its extensive collection of permanent and ephemeral ponds.  In addition, it comprises a large, unprotected evergreen forest block just west of the sanctuary, as well as a significant portion of the Srepok River.

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