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The efficiency and security of sildenafil had been looked at within a randomised, dual-impaired, placebo-manipulated, flexible-measure review in Taiwanese males previous 26 to 80 ful with impotence problems (ED) of broad-variety aetiology and most 6 months length. As many as 236 patients ended up randomised at half a dozen medical centers in Taiwan to get possibly sildenafil (50 mg at first elevated as appropriate to 100 mg or decreased to 25 mg depending on usefulness and toleration) (andIs equal to119) or matching placebo (and=117) adopted an as needed basis 1 h ahead of expected sex for 3 months. After 12 weeks, the key efficacy factors concerning the accomplishment and repair of erections adequate for sexual intercourse, and the supplementary effectiveness factors, which included: (1) 5 independent websites of lovemaking performing of the IIEF (International Directory of Erection Health) size, (2) the proportion of effective intercourse efforts and (3) an international review of hardons, were all in past statistics significantly improved upon by sildenafil in comparison to placebo (G<0.0001). Treatment-related adverse events occurred in 43.7% of patients receiving sildenafil and 18.8% receiving placebo. The most common adverse events with sildenafil were flushing, dizziness and headache (25.2, 6.7 and 5.9% of patients, respectively), and most were mild in nature. The efficacy and safety of sildenafil in the population of Taiwanese men appears similar to that reported in other studies in western populations.

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