Francois’ Langur (Trachypithecus francoisi)


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Observed and anecdotal evidence of the critical reduction in Francois’ Langur family groups and numbers of individual animals in Vietnam is of considerable concern. Conservation initiatives are urgently required for both the animals and their habitat.

Future projects

PRCF’s future Francois’ Langur conservation projects include:

  • participatory land use planning and three-dimensional mapping of Francois’ Langur sleeping caves and adjacent forest areas that are part of the animal’s home range
  • community involvement in monitoring Francois’ Langur family groups, identifying home range, collecting scientific data and documenting threats
  • awareness raising and education activities involving local high schools, Youth Union and village communities
  • community based planning for conservation of the Francois’ Langur and its habitat
  • payments for ecosystem services to provide long-term and sustainable funding mechanisms for conservation activities
  • community-oriented nature-based tourism involving village home stays and high-end tourism to view Francois’ Langur and its habitat.

* Protected Areas for Resource Conservation (PARC)