Mueller Gibbon (Hylobates muelleri)


Photo Source: Stock Images

The Mueller’s gibbon (H. muelleri), has only rarely been studied, both in the wild and in captivity.

The few studies that exist indicate that over the past 45 years, the population of Mueller’s gibbon in the wild has decreased by an alarming 50%.  This has resulted in the Mueller’s gibbon to be considered Endangered according to the IUCN’s Red List.

The species is faced with their habitat decreasing at an alarming rate as the forests of Borneo are rapidly disappearing.  Even in the habitats that remain, the gibbon’s survival is threatened by hunting for pet trade and for human consumption.

The People Resources and Conservation Foundation plans to apply their ten years of experience in West Kalimantan to identify the conservation status of Mueller’s gibbon in the Gunung Nyiut Nature Reserve, and to devise a plan to address the needs.  The Foundation aims to work with the local communities to protect the species in its natural habitat.