Species Conservation

species conservation

In pursuit of the biodiversity aspects of our vision, a key category of activities we work on is the conservation of endangered species and their sustaining habitats.  At present our focus is primarily on fauna, but we are increasingly developing our knowledge and interest in the conservation of plants and more specifically on that of disappearing agricultural cultivars.

We work with a great variety of animals including: birds, crocodiles, sea turtles, bats, and primates.  Although some of these species are critically endangered and charismatic (like the Cao Vit Gibbon), our conservation objective takes us into studying and promoting the conservation of species that are still poorly understood, unglamorous, and that are gradually moving towards endangerment (ex: Myotis ricketti).

How we work

Our wildlife conservation projects start with research into the conservation status of a species. Most projects then involve collaborative management or community-based programs: we work with local people and village organizations to achieve sustainable livelihoods and protect endangered species. It is through the combination of these aspects of human-wildlife interactions that the PRCF promotes species conservation.

Through our Species Conservation Program, we work towards mediating and reducing the present loss of biological diversity by promoting long-lasting and mutually beneficial interactions between people and wildlife.