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By in Campaigns, PRCF on 02. Aug, 2012
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To ascertain the aftereffect of sildenafil for canines with Eisenmegers syndrome and supplementary erythrocytosis. It is a prospective, one arm, open up-label study. 5 medical canines with Eisenmegers symptoms and extra erythrocytosis ended up provided. Ny Heart Connection functional class, packed cellular amount, pulmonary artery acceleration time to ejection time ratio and serum erythropoietin awareness have been looked at before and after sildenafil treatments (0·5 mgOrkilograms, two times a day). Nyc Cardiovascular Organization useful course was considerably improved upon right after one particular (mean 2 range 1 or 2, PEquates to0·031) and 90 days (mean 2 range one to two, PEquals0·031) of sildenafil treatment, in comparison with the standard (mean 3, range two or three). Packed cellular size was drastically lowered soon after three months (median 59% variety 56 to 63, G=0·031) of remedy, compared with the baseline (median 71% array 58 to 74). Speed time for you to ejection time proportion got improved and solution erythropoietin attention experienced decreased particularly soon after four weeks of treatments, but there was no record value. Sildenafil enhanced the clinical indicators and second erythrocytosis in pet dogs with Eisenmegers syndrome. Sildenafil remedy might be a beneficial treatment for pet dogs with Eisenmegers affliction. © 2011 United kingdom Modest Pet Veterinarian Connection.

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Severe elimination harm following cardiac surgery is frequent, does not have any successful treatment options, and is owned by undesirable results. The goal of these studies was to see whether government from the phosphodiesterase-5 chemical sildenafil citrate (SDF) would prevent the development of post-cardiopulmonary sidestep (CPB) severe renal system injury in swine. Adult pigs (and Equals 8 per group) were randomized to undergo deception treatment, CPB, or CPB additionally management of SDF, with recuperation and reassessment at one day. Cardiopulmonary bypass ended in a significant reduction in creatinine wholesale relative to charade pigs (indicate big difference CPB versus sham, -47.9 millilitersAndminutes 95Per-cent self-confidence period of time [CI]: -93.7 to -2.2 g Is equal to .039). It was stopped through the supervision of SDF throughout CPB (mean variation CPB+SDF as opposed to CPB, +55.6 milliliter/minutes 95Percent CI: +6.5 to +104.7 g Is equal to .024). Cardiopulmonary get around also ended in a tremendous surge in the the urinary system biomarker interleukin-18 in contrast to scam processes (mean difference 209.3 pgPermL 95% CI: 120.6 to 298.1 g < 0.001) that was prevented by SDF administration. Post-CPB kidney injury was associated with vascular endothelial injury and dysfunction, reduced nitric oxide bioavailability, medullary hypoxia, cortical adenosine triphosphate depletion, inflammation, and evidence of proximal tubule epithelial cell stress manifest as phenotypic change. Administration of SDF to CPB pigs preserved nitric oxide bioavailability and prevented endothelial dysfunction, regional hypoxia, inflammation, and tubular changes. In this model, phosphodiesterase-5 inhibition using SDF prevented post-CPB acute kidney injury by the preservation of nitric oxide bioavailability, and warrants evaluation as a renoprotective agent in clinical trials.

About the photos


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Black bear

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About pangolins

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Four live in Asia:

  • Thick-tailed Pangolin (also called Indian Pangolin), Manis crassicaudata — ‘Near Threatened
  • Phillipine Pangolin, Manis culionensis — ‘Near Threatened
  • Sunda Pangolin (also called Malayan Pangolin), Manis javanica — ‘Endangered
  • Chinese Pangolin, Manis pentadactyla — ‘Endangered

Four others live in Africa:

  •  Three-Cusped Pangolin (also called African White-Bellied Pangolin and Tree Pangolin), Phataginus tricuspis — ‘Near Threatened
  • Giant Ground Pangolin, Smutsia gigantea — ‘Near Threatened
  • Cape Pangolin (also called Temminck’s Pangolin), Smutsia temminckii — ‘Least Concern
  • Long-Tailed Pangolin (also called Black-Bellied Pangolin), Uromanis tetradactyla — ‘Least Concern

(Text in red sourced from IUCN Red List 2012)

All species are thought to be in decline, some more rapidly so than others — particularly the Asian species.

‘Although the scaly anteaters have traditionally been hunted as a protein source and for local superstition-steeped cultural uses throughout their African ranges, this market is now clearly being exploited by East Asian consumers’. (Project Pangolin, 2012).

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, ‘Man takes his toll on the pangolin, which is thought to be a purveyor of magic and charms. When mixed with bark from certain trees, the scales are thought to neutralize witchcraft and evil spirits. If buried near a man’s door, they are said to give an interested woman power over him. Sometimes the scales are burned to keep lions and other wild animals away. In some areas pangolins are sacrificed for rainmaking ceremonies, and in others they are hunted for meat.’

Southeast Asia
Pangolins are indigenous to the jungles of Indonesia, parts of Malaysia and areas of southern Thailand. They face threats from poachers and smugglers. (Pangolin, 2012)

‘Demand for these animals stems primarily from China and Vietnam, where their flesh is consumed both as a delicacy and for perceived health benefits.

‘Other pangolin body parts — especially their scales — are used to make ‘cure-all’ traditional Chinese medicines. However, there is no scientific evidence to support any of the medicinal claims made about the scaly anteaters.’ (Project Pangolin, 2012)

The pangolin is classified as a protected species under the UN’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

See Project Pangolin’s 25 facts about pangolins

About black bears

Black bears (Ursus americanus) are native to North America and are the continent’s smallest and most common bear species. The bears are omnivores with their diets varying greatly depending on season and location. (American black bear, 2012)

According to the Defenders of Wildlife (2012), ‘The American black bear is distributed throughout North America, from Canada to Mexico and in at least 40 states in the U.S. They historically occupied nearly all of the forested regions of North America, but in the U.S. they are now restricted to the forested areas less densely occupied by humans. In Canada, black bears still inhabit most of their historic range except for the intensively farmed areas of the central plains. In Mexico, black bears were thought to have inhabited the mountainous regions of the northern states but are now limited to a few remnant populations.

‘It is estimated that there are at least 600,000 black bears in North America. In the United States, there are estimated to be over 300,000 individuals. However, the Louisiana black bear (Ursus americanus luteolu) and Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus) are threatened subspecies with small populations.’

‘Black bears… are facing some alarming threats, including habitat destruction, poaching and needless killings.’

What does PRCF do?

We work with a great variety of animals including birds, crocodiles, sea turtles, bats and primates. Although some of these species are critically endangered and charismatic (like the Cao Vit Gibbon), our conservation objective takes us into studying and promoting the conservation of species that are still poorly understood, unglamorous … lasix and heart failure


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  1. Peter

    Jan 24th, 2014

    Do you know the scale of the atrocities committed to the pangolin? I don’t know, I just couldn’t call myself a “conservation committed group” after sitting idly by while a baby pangolin was slaughtered so one African could eat or even endorse this behavior like it was innocent (if the above mentioned person wasn’t part of your group). Yes, this one is clearly a baby, and could only feed one person, honestly In my personal opinion whoever that girl is is a disgrace to the peace corps.

    • PRCF

      Jul 5th, 2014

      Thank you for your comment Peter. To explain, entries for our photo contest were from the public, and not PRCF staff, associates, volunteers or management. The entries therefore do not wholly represent the views, mission or values of our organization; nor do they portray PRCF projects and initiatives. The aim of the competition was to raise awareness about wildlife conservation issues through photos, which was likely the aim of this particular entry as well. Contest winners were selected solely on the number of votes their images had received to maintain the competition’s open and transparent nature.

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